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There are many different bags you can get to expand your inventory.

To equip an additional bag, drag it to an empty bag slot on the top of the inventory window. You may equip up to 4 additional bags at once (5th slot is reserved for Royal members).

Bags are generously rewarded as you progress through the story line. As a result you will want to replace smaller bags with the new, larger ones.

To remove an equipped bag:

  • Make sure the bag you want to remove is empty
  • Drag the bag from its slot to your inventory (to another bag with space)

List of bagsEdit

Name Size Notes
Adventurer's Bag 24 This is your default bag.
Premium Bag 24 This is an extra bag you get for being a Royal Member.
Royal Bag 16 Purchasable at the Royal Shop.
Guardian Bag 14 Story quest reward
Search Bag (S) 10 Story quest reward
Bag (M) 8 Story quest reward
Bag (S) 6 Story quest reward
Jewel Bag (M) 4 Temple Soul Material Vendor
Pouch 4 Story quest reward and Highwayman drop
Jewel Bag (S) 2 Temple Soul Material Vendor
secret bag 4 you get this from spheres  on royal shop

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