Union Level  3
Leader King Roxas
Sub Leader

Mimi Hards

Kirito Spriggan

Date created 2013/2/3

The Avengers union was created since 03/02/2013 by Manu Sanchez. Since 21/02/2013 King Roxas joined the union and became sub-leader after his first week. Just after reaching lvl 2 Manu Sanchez stopped playing and gave the lead to Roxas. Since then Azunyan Aino and Holy JayCloud became sub-leaders. Avengers has also her own Teamspeak3 server. Avengers is also the second Union on the European server who has reached Union Level 2.

Avengers is a mixed union of Red and White, and try to help each other to progress, farm and level up together. As for the union storage is filled with quest items farmed by union members for union members. So if

you're a union member of Avengers, you might get to progress without the heavy farming trouble for quest items.

Wo 20131025 160433


- Be a good friend of one of the other union members

Union rulesEdit

- Do not kill/loot union members

Active MembersEdit

Name Possition
King Roxas Union Leader
mimi hards


Kirito Spriggan Sub-leader
Azunyan Aino Member
Sensei RUS5IAN Member
Holy JayCloud Member
King Adam


Trappy mahdoton Member
Toki Likoria Member
Roger Gviskard Member
Mitsuki Zenkato Member
ChaosBI Azurekit Member
OMG Wangstar Member

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